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Have you been arrested? Is a loved one currently going through the booking or arrest process? Jerry Loftin & Associates is the only Fort Worth-based law firm that is also a Bail Bonds Agency. This gives our firm a unique advantage over other local criminal defense firms in the area. No other legal team can secure a jail release bond while simultaneously defending your rights and freedoms!

Our firm handles all aspects involved in the bonds process, including:

  • Setting bonds
  • Bond hearings
  • Bond reductions
  • Writs
  • Walk-throughs
  • Jail matters

We understand that you could have many questions after an arrest: will I go to jail? How long will I have to stay? Is there a way to get out faster? Will I be eligible for jail bond release? If you work with Jerry Loftin & Associates, you can rest easy in knowing that our team can provide comprehensive bail bonds services that gives you the option to stay out of jail during the duration of your case!

Arrested? You may need the services of an attorney who provides 24-hour bail bonds service. Contact us at (817) 591-7850 today.

More than 5,000 Cases Handled Since 1968

There are countless benefits to working with an attorney bond service. Consider Jerry Loftin & Associates your one-stop shop: we offer everything you need to fight your charge and stay out of jail all under one roof. Not only will you have direct access to an independent bail bondsman, but you will also be in constant contact with the defense lawyer who can watch out for your best interests in and out of court.

What Makes Jerry Loftin & Associates the Right Choice for You?

  • Conveniently located right next to the jail and courthouse
  • Phones are always answered 24-hours a day for bail bonds matters
  • Former Prosecutor and District Attorney Assistant now fighting for you
  • You work with a team named Top Attorneys in Fort Worth by Fort Worth, Texas Magazine
  • As independent bail bondsmen, we offer cost-effective solutions and payment plans, if necessary

Because the purpose of a bail bond is to make sure the accused will show up at all future court proceedings, we can help you understand the consequences of failing to show in court or other aspects of the bail bonds process. No matter what your case involves, contact our Fort Worth bail bonds attorneys now.

Emergencies happen, but we monitor our calls 24-hours a day. If you are in need of an immediate jail release bond, contact our office at (817) 591-7850 and request a FREE consultation.

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