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  • 10-Apr-2018

    Why Hire a Former Prosecutor as Your Lawyer?

    When you’re searching for experienced legal counsel after being charged with a criminal offense, the best individual for the task is a criminal defense lawyer with previous prosecution experience. A prosecutor is an attorney who legally ...
  • 16-Mar-2018

    Are I Eligible to Expunge My Criminal Record?

    Any type of past criminal record can have a severe, negative impact on people’s lives. Even if charges were dropped in your arrest, you can have a difficult time obtaining employment, housing, loans, and more because of your criminal record. ...
  • 14-Feb-2018

    New Texas Laws Going into Effect for 2018

    After hundreds of new laws went into effect on September 1, 2017, the new year also brings more than two dozen new laws passed by the Texas legislature last year. They regulate everything from identification requirements and odometer readings. The ...
  • 2-Jan-2018

    The Advantages of Pre-Marital Agreements

    Pre-marital agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements (prenups), are contracts signed by potential spouses before an actual marriage occurs. These documents are created and signed to protect each spouse’s financial interests, negotiate ...
  • 21-Dec-2017

    Frequently Asked Questions About Underage DUI Charges

    Everyone knows that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense that law enforcement strictly enforce. However, what happens when you’re arrested for this crime and are below the legal drinking age of 21? These cases ...
  • 4-Dec-2017

    Texas Fake ID Laws

    A common alcohol related offense is using or possessing a fake ID. In Texas, fake IDs are most prevalent among college students who are looking to get into bars. Despite emerging technologies that are designed to prevent identification fraud, college ...
  • 1-Dec-2017

    How Do Bail & Bonds Work?

    The bail bond system gives people the opportunity to get out of jail and maintain their freedom until their trial date. Although each state has its own unique bail bond options, the essential principles are usually the same in every bail bond system. ...
  • 28-Nov-2017

    Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Misdemeanor Offense?

    Facing charges for a crime can be frightening experience, especially if you are facing felony charges. However, a misdemeanor charge can be just as frightening. Unfortunately, many people are under the assumption that misdemeanor charges are just a ...
  • 30-Aug-2017

    Understand Your Right to Legal Advice during a DWI Investigation

    Many people are not entirely aware of the rights they have as citizens being arrested or facing criminal charges. While most believe know they have a right to an attorney, they do not know when, where, and how they can invoke that right – ...
  • 16-Aug-2017

    Understanding Prescription Drug DWIs

    Not only can you be charged with a DWI for driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs in Texas, you can also be charged while operating a vehicle on prescription drugs. Although pain medication is typically the main accomplice, other ...
  • 7-Jul-2017

    Dealing with Out-of-State Traffic Tickets

    At some point in a person’s life, they may take a road trip out of the state. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, many people drive across state borders. But what happens if you commit a traffic violation while driving through another ...
  • 29-Jun-2017

    Ways to Postpone Your Court Appearance

    A legal court hearing or trial is an official occurrence in which the final outcome of a legal matter is decided by either a judge or jury. Whether it’s a traffic violation or divorce, court hearings cover all legal issues. It is important to ...
  • 21-Jun-2017

    What to Do When Arrested for Shoplifting

    Shoplifting is one of the most common types of theft crimes, particularly around heavy shopping seasons like the holidays. In most cases, shoplifting involves taking a small value of property from a retail establishment without paying for it or ...
  • 6-Jun-2017

    Being Charged with Resisting Arrest

    When you are placed under arrest in Texas, you are required by law to submit willfully and comply with law enforcement. According to Texas Penal Code § 38.03, preventing or obstructing a peace officer from making an arrest or search through the ...
  • 23-May-2017

    How Do I Know If I Have a Warrant Out for Me?

    A warrant is a legal document issued by a judge or other judicial officer which authorizes a law enforcement officer to perform an action related to justice. Generally, warrants are provided to arrest someone, search and seize an individual’s ...
  • 11-May-2017

    Immigration & Your Criminal Record

    Immigration into the United States is an arduous process. You face extensive application proceedings, interviews with disinterested bureaucrats, and unforeseen complications as you attempt to make your home in this country. If you are charged with a ...
  • 23-Mar-2017

    A Brief Overview of Forgery Laws in Texas

    Forgery laws in Texas are designed to be rather non-specific in order to keep their interpretation broad and encompassing of any other type of forgery that may not yet have been perpetrated or discovered yet. Many people are not aware of what exactly ...
  • 14-Mar-2017

    Can I Refuse a Blood or Breath Test?

    You are required under Texas state law to take a blood or breath test if you are arrested for DWI. This often confuses people who remember that they are allowed to refuse to take a test for drunkenness, but forget which one. You are allowed to refuse ...

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