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Visitation Rights for Parents & Grandparents

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If you and your spouse have children while entering into divorce proceedings, securing your ability to visit and spend time with them is important to their upbringing and well-being. While our firm understands that divorce clients wish pursue a new life away from their current spouse, we have served plenty of clients whose primary goal was to remain a significant part of your child’s life.

The skilled family lawyers at Jerry Loftin & Associates know what you’re going through, and recognize the emotional turmoil and frustration that so often comes with any divorce case. That’s why we take an understanding and compassionate approach to each family law case and get to know all of our clients personally in order to understand their interests and concerns. Even if your case requires litigation proceedings, we can fight to protect your future and make sure that the best possible outcome is capably pursued on your behalf.

If you need representation to assist you in protecting your visitation rights to your children or grandchildren, call Jerry Loftin & Associates at (817) 429-2000 today.

Factors in Determining Visitation

In Texas, there are two types of custody: conservatorship and access. The parent who is named the “conservator” in a parenting agreement becomes essentially the “primary” parent, making the decisions on things such as education, healthcare, and primary residence. The non-conservator parent, also known as the non-custody parent, then has a schedule for “visitation,” which can include time when they are in physical custody of the child or have the right to visit them.

Our lawyers can help you secure visitation rights in all kinds of family law arrangements, including:

  • Primary custody
  • Joint custody
  • Grandparents visitation rights

Grandparents may even fight to secure their visitation rights during a divorce or custody battle. While the circumstances are rather difficult to meet to secure visitation, a skilled family attorney can help grandparents determine if you can file to secure your visitation rights, particularly if your access to your grandchildren has been unrightfully denied.

Get the help you need with your visitation rights case by contacting Jerry Loftin & Associates online and requesting a free initial case evaluation today.

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